Grandma’s Shoes

  • Winner The Society of Women Writers NSW, 2001 Awards
  • Libretto awarded an AWGIE, 2001.
  • Performed as an opera with Opera Australia and Theatre of Image, 2000.

The child does not want to share her room with her little sister when Grandma dies. Finding some left-behind shoes of grandma’s she takes thrilling journeys. Finally she comes face to face with her grandmother, only to be told she must go back. Her grandma also tells her lovingly that she must wait until her feet are large enough to properly fit the shoes before wearing them again. American artist, Elivia’s soft water colours enhance the sensitivities of the text.

Performed as an opera in 2000, at the Seymour Centre NSW.

COMPOSER,  Graeme Koehne, Adelaide, Australia.
Produced by Opera Australia and Theatre of Image.
Directed by Kim Carpenter.

Publisher: Little Brown US

Year: 1994