Butterfly, We’re Expecting You

This is a poetic tribute to nature and to children at play illustrated by a masterful artists and written by one of Australia’s most innovative wordsmiths for children. – RSB

Come explore your backyard. Who knows what you’ll find?

A butterfly, a frog, a bird…maybe even a dinosaur!

A delightful and gentle story that feels as warm as a garden bathed in sunlight, from beloved author Libby Hathorn and acclaimed illustrator Lisa Stewart.

Butterfly, We’re Expecting You is a charmingly poetic whimsy in picture book form. Two siblings, a boy and a girl, explore the area near their house and speak to each creature they pass.

Libby Hathorn’s poetic text combines with Lisa Stewart’s delicate artwork to create an ode to all things bright and beautiful in nature, no matter how small or how hidden they are. – Robyn Sheahan-Bright


Publisher: Lothian

Year: 2017