The most commonly asked questions of writers, are these:- Where do ideas come from? How do you turn ideas into stories?

Here are some tips, things that I found useful over the years, that you might like to try.

What if? Find time to wonder

Allow yourself time to dream and then to write. Look at things freshly, even ordinary things round your house, describe them and make them part of a story. Apply the question what if this happened? And wonder about the solution.

Nature is a great ‘rewarder’. Nature allows you to wonder and conjure up thoughts and ideas. Fix on something to describe in detail, like the movement of the wind in leaves, the passage of water e.g. from a hose onto the ground or better still cement. Tell what happens.

Remember you have five senses. Use the sense of taste and smell and touch in your writing, as well as the more obvious senses of sight and hearing.