Butterfly, We’re Expecting You

Butterfly, We’re Expecting You by Libby Hathorn and Lisa Stewart

An afternoon outside our house,
Let’s see what we can find,
The sun so bright, the breeze so cool,
Our garden, yours and mine!

A Baby for Loving

Join this charming family of bears as they sing and chuckle and snuggle their way through a sunny afternoon. They delight in each other’s company and they delight in the myriad ways a baby can bring joy to everyday life.


Like the garden it portrays, Outside is a Baroque wonderland waiting to be explored, a shimmery place of texture, luminosity, and colour, where time stands still and memories are born. Two internationally acclaimed creators—author Libby Hathorn and artist Ritva Voutila—have coupled their dazzling imaginative powers to capture the wonder of childhood in this homage to ...

A Soldier, a Dog and a Boy

A moving story, told completely in dialogue, about a young Australian soldier in the battle of the Somme. Walking through the fields away from the front, he finds what he thinks is a stray dog, and decides to adopt it as a mascot for his company. Then he meets Jacques, the homeless orphan boy who ...

Stephen’s Tree

Stephen is allowed to choose a healthy baby gum tree from his Dad’s nursery only to find it is sold by mistake to someone else. How the tree comes back into the boy’s hands by a strange series of event is captured beautifully in Sandra Laroche’s soft, dreamy illustrations, her first picture storybook.

Lachlan’s Walk

Set at the dramatic cliffside called The Gap at Watson’s Bay, Sydney, this story is about a toddler who  wanders out the open gate, across the street to danger. This is a familiar story as his mother discovers he is missing and goes on a panicky chase for her child. Luckily Lachlan’s sister Lisa sees ...

The Tram to Bondi Beach

Libby Hathorn’s classic children’s picture book, Tram to Bondi Beach, with stunning illustrations by Julie Vivas. This wonderful story follows Keiran – who wants to be a paperboy and ride the running board of the trams that hurtle down the hill to the famous Bondi Beach. The only trouble is, when the newsagent hires him, the ...

Freya’s Fantastic Surprise

When her friend Miriam tells some fantastic news about a new tent at News Time in class, Freya just wants to outdo her. Every day Freya’s news is more and more fantastic until no one, not even her teacher, believes her. And then Freya truly does have a fantastic surprise to share. And that wonderful ...

The Garden of the World

Trapped in the barren landscape of the city, Mrs Paddy dreams of the garden of the world, so she and Jack embark on a journey of discovery to find it. Their dream becomes reality, as they work to bring together the elusive elements of the Garden of the World, in a wondrous garden in their ...

Stuntumble Monday

It’s her birthday soon and Metra can’t wait. She falls through a whole seven days of stunning adventures on the lookout for her birthday. But something makes her come back home and just as well! She has the best birthday every. Melissa Webb’s vital and humorous artwork makes each double page spread a delight.