The Tram to Bondi Beach – Play

Sydney 1932. The Sydney Harbour Bridge opens; Phar lap the greatest race horse Australia has even known is smashing records round the globe; and Sir Charles Kingsford Smith is travelling around the world in a magical flying machine. Meanwhile the Great Depression is at its peak and the O’Grady family is struggling. Set against the magical backdrop of Bondi Beach is the story of Keiran and his efforts to help the family survive. Hurtling towards Bondi Beach one morning on the Bondi ‘rattler’, Keiran is inspired by Saxon to become a paperboy. The Tram to Bondi Beach is a play adapted from the picture book of the same name by Libby Hathorn and J Andrew Johnstone, with a theme of hope and the idea of ‘never giving up’.

Publisher: Performed Bondi Pavilion 2006, directed by Genevieve Lemon, and Randwick Town Hall 2008