Talks with My Skateboard

This is a collection of my poems for young people under headings such as Out and About, School, At Home, Mostly Cats and Nature. The lively cartoons of Matt Mawson really add to the look of the collection. I’ve written these poems about things that interest or have touched me in some way–the ordinary (The Teacher Took My Tennis Ball) and the extraordinary (Amy Sleeps at My House)–hoping to inspire young writers to try writing their own poems.

Songs with my Skateboard

Composer Stephen Lalor has chosen ten poems from my poetry collection, Talks with My Skateboard, to set to music. These lively songs have been made into a booklet by NSW Department of School Education and have been performed at many concerts.
Composer: Stephen Lalor, NSW Performing Arts Unit, 1996

Publisher: ABC Books

Year: 1995