Just before the 2nd anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Nepal, I’m pleased to be able to report TWO positive things:

HEARTQUAKE a wonderful online compendium of student responses from young people through the arts was launched, connecting Australia to Nepal www.heartquake.org In previous visits to Nepal I have given many poetry and writing workshops to both young people and teachers.

Bec Ordish of the Mitrataa Foundation asked me to give some advice from afar to help traumatised young people to come to terms with what had happened and I was pleased to help with poetry writing and when one student called her heartfelt piece HEARTQUAKE, I knew we had a title for our online compendium to send out to the world.

HEARTQUAKE launched in Nepal.

THE MUSICAL Sangita’s Singing based on my book of the same title, set in the mountains and the city of Kathmandu,was premiered in Nepal. This was at the Wilson Academy with stunning music by Elise Morton. I
I first wrote Sangita’s Singing in 2012 to tell the story of a village girl, Sangita, coming to the big city of Kathmandu for her education. Sangita faced loneliness, bullying and fear but came through all of it to sing her song of acceptance.

Bec asked me to write a play which became a musical when she also invited a young Australian composer Elise Morton up to Kathmandu as a volunteer teacher. At the Wilson Academy talented young Nepali singers and dancers worked hard for six weeks to produce a successful musical. It was so well received that further performances are planned for this yearin Kathmandu.
There are already hints the musical might find its way to us in Australia.