Little Georgie is the youngest, and this sometimes means Max and Harriet forget about her. But Georgie is unfazed. She’s armed with a BIG imagination. Libby Hathorn, one of Australia’s literary treasures, and award-winning artist Gaye Chapman have created a story that celebrates the honesty and attraction of imaginative play. Written by one of Australia’s most ...

The Lenski Kids and Dracula

The Lenski kids are the wildest, naughtiest kids in the neighbourhood. Their mild-mannered parents don’t know what to do with them – babysitters come and go, never to return again. That is, until Kim Kip moves in next door.

Friends and Secret

Jessica’s best friend leaves the school and she feels alone in a crowded playground. Paolo is shy and awkward – but he has a delightful secret he shares with Jessica that changes everything.

A Face in the Water

Set in India at the Taj Mahal, this time-slip tale tells of Pearl, an Australian tourist, meeting a child of the past in young Goharara. The face in the water is Goharara. And she is none other than the daughter of the Shah Jahan, the Emperor who built the Taj Mahal long ago, in memory ...

All About Anna

Anna is a high-spirited girl who has great ideas, such as teaching her cousins, Harriet, Lizzie and Christopher to fly! Her ideas generally lead to trouble. But she’s always good fun even though her cousins often have to pay for her plans of action!

Paolo’s Secret

Jessica doesn’t want to go to school anymore. Her best friend has left and she feels all alone in a crowd. But things change when the quiet and shy Paolo shares an amazing secret. And that’s when she discovers there are friends all around. Reprinted as Friends and Secrets.

Jezza Sez

Jezza always has a myriad of good ideas and other kids seem to follow him. His scheme to buy a bright yellow inflatable boat sometimes leads to trouble but he does manage to save money. Just when he finally has enough, he learns that his mother needs some money for something more important than his ...

So Who Needs Lotto

Cosmo and everyone else thinks the new girl at school, Denise, is a pain. But then he finds they share an interest in dogs and they become friends. It proves the point that the best things in life are free.

Looking Out for Sampson

When Cheryl comes to stay she tells Bronwyn that her little brother Sampson is the favourite child. Bronwyn has to put up with Cheryl’s boastful ways but when Sampson is lost on Bondi Beach, she realises what her little brother means to her.

What a Star!

How on earth do you win fame and fortune (become a star!) when you and your best friend have had a fight? Try singing, roller-blading and street painting at the local shopping mall. Then try your friend again!